photo: Tim Foulkes

Changes of  Latitude -  Changes of Attitude  !

Close your eyes, breathe deep, know you’re at the sea!

Where life revolves around the ebb flow of the tides….



Imagine picking dulse and periwinkles or clam digging at low tide.

High tide brings the August mackerel to the shore, Calamari anyone! Squid jig off the wharf.

 Evening is time for beautiful sunsets, bonfires with friends and stargazing.

If you live on an island you can’t escape the lure of the sea. This will lead to whale watching, romantic picnics on uninhabited islands or a plunge beneath the waves where you can look a wolfish in the eye and visit an anemone garden.

Enjoy the solitude of a kayak or feel the wind in your sails as you explore the outer islands.


The islands are calling.