The health clinic is located in Fairhaven. It staffed by nurses Monday – Friday. There is a fire station and an EMS adjacent to Health centre. There are a team of paramedics on call 24 hours a day. If an emergency ocurrs the ferry is on standby to take the ambulance to the mainland.


The Elementary School building is owned by the Island and is available for use by islanders.  People have gotten together to play basketball, volley ball and badminton


The gas pumps are located in Fairhaven at the Welch Store. You can find fresh meat, dairy and other grocery supplies. The store also carries marine supplies, some hardware and greeting cards. It is open late on Thursday and Friday. Don't get to excited, on Deer Island 9:00 pm is late.


Fairhaven Baptist church is active in the community.


 We invite anyone to submit pictures of Deer Island, past or present and we will attempt to add them to the site.