Deer island Point

Deer Island Point is the southernmost part of the island. The Old Sow is what separates Maine from New Brunswick at this point. The fast flowing tides stir up smaller creatures and this is a popular feeding spot for fish and seals. In the warmer weather dolphins and whales can be seen here. One of the island's light house is located here.

The camp ground is owned by Deer Islanders. It is usually filled to capacity in the summer. This is also where the ferry to Campobello and East ports lands. but don't look for a wharf: the ferry comes in as far as the water allows and cars drive onto it, travelling over the beach. If you are not taking your car you must be careful not to park out too far or you may find in partially submerged when you return.

The point is a great spot to come in the evening and enjoy a cup of tea and watch the swirling water.




Deer Island Point Park

 The Old Sow is the largest whirl pool in the western hemisphere. It is found between the southern tip of Deer Island and Eastport, Maine. 


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